terça-feira, 3 de agosto de 2021

Major Airliner And UFO Near Collision! What The Heck Is It? 2021

Roger Waters - Vera / Bring The Boys Back Home

#UFO #Ovni A clear flying saucer spotted in the Polish sky

#UFO #Ovni Strange shaped object flying in the sky of #Memphis TN

Billie Eilish - Male Fantasy (Official Live Performance) | Vevo

Four light ships filmed over Cincinnati August 2nd & paranormal activity.

When he SAW it WAY up there he was at a COMPLETE loss for words!

Three Mile Tall “Artificial Spire” Structure Discovered On Surface Of Moon

Plane passes next to the bright #UFO

Avebury Crop Circle Goes Golden

Huge bright UFO hanging above the city of Cuautepec Mexico

Rolling Stones - Lady Jane(1966)

Bob Dylan , Like A Rolling Stone , All Along The Watchtower , In Glasgow...

The Universe Could Be an Illusion - What If?

                                                                  JÁ PARARAM PARA PENSAR!!!?? QUE ISTO PODE SER REAL!

Elsa Esnoult - La belle histoire [CLIP OFFICIEL]

UFO Fastwalker caught on motion activated camera